Acne skin don’t worry “Effective acne skin care”


Acne skin don’t worry “Effective acne skin care”

To take good care of acne skin, you must first understand your skin first. Just like wanting to treat acne, you first need to know where acne comes from, where does it form and develop? Why does your acne condition not stop getting worse and worse? This article will help you find the right skin care for your skin, helping to improve acne.

I. What causes acne?

What is your skin tone? Oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin. Our skin is very susceptible to external influences, smoke, environmental pollution, sunlight… All of these factors lead to clogged pores and cause acne, acne. blackheads, cystic acne, swollen acne, pustules. What causes acne?

1.1 Using inappropriate skin care products

The most popular is the lotion because it comes in a variety of textures to suit different skin types. For example, if you have oily skin, you choose a cream made for dry skin. Oily skin needs lightweight, fast-absorbing products to avoid clogging. Creams for dry skin often have a dense texture, high moisture, and long absorption. So it lies on the surface of the skin, along with the natural oils secreted by the skin, becoming a layer that makes the skin “suffocate”. To be safe, you should use cosmetics labeled “Non comedogenic” that will not contain ingredients that cause skin clogging.

1.2 Not cleaning makeup brushes cọ

Adult girls when going to work mostly wear makeup every day. Makeup brushes are the place to accumulate a lot of dead cells, makeup cream and bacteria. Imagine every time you use a brush you put bacteria on your face. Therefore, pay attention to cleaning brushes and makeup tools regularly.

1.3 Items in contact with facial skin

All things that come into contact with the skin of the face must be clean so as not to cause acne. You know this, but there are still things that “accidentally” put on your face that you don’t notice. For example, the phone. With billions of bacteria swarming around, your phone is dirtier than you think. Or when you press your chin, you also bring bacteria from your hands to your face. So, pay more attention and make sure to keep your facial skin clean.

1.4 Staying up late and having an inappropriate diet

This is known by many people but still cannot follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. After 11pm is the time the body begins to eliminate toxins. If you skip this period, the amount of toxins in the body is not eliminated, causing acne. In addition, all hot, spicy, high-sugar, greasy and stimulant foods cause the skin to produce more oil. That’s why acne-prone skin is even more acne-prone.

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